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Arq. Sérgio António Brás Martins

The architectural works are very important in the preservation and framing of the building on site, all the projects made by me are accompanied to the detail so that is a better construction, is important always and before starting any kind of work talk to the architect to solve any problems. If you have any doubt in the construction process, this factor is decisive in the quality of the construction.

  • Constructive process
  • Wall Detail
  • Water aprove
  • Material apply in thermal insulation
  • Material and its solution
  • Application Mode
  • Choice of materials
  • its quality

Therefore, at the beginning of each project, each one of them is unique and attention is by the solar disposition of the building and its solar gains, that is, the buildings in the case of single-family housing must have all the bedrooms, living room, facing south. , kitchens and bathrooms are facing north, but especially the living room, this one must always be south, so we have the solar gains always guaranteed.

By applying all these aspects, the client will gain more free energy to heat the house.

Application of architecture in the field

This aspect is also important, it is necessary to make a topography to see its characteristics, the project must always be inserted without having to do many excavations, so we preserve the natural state of the land, keeping all the important levels of the land on this state.


  • Levantamento topografico
  • Projetos de arquitetura ( reconstrução, legalização, construção nova, reabilitação )
  • Projeto de betao armado
  • Projetos eléctricos
  • Projeto de gás
  • Projeto de aguas e esgotos
  • Projeto de aguas pluviais
  • Projeto termico
  • Projeto acustico
  • Projeto de execução
  • Projeto de arranjos exteriores
  • Projecto a 3 dimensões
  • Propriedade horizontal
  • Certificado energetico
  • Acompanhamento de obra ( direção técnica de obra ou fiscalização de obra )
  • Licença de habitabilidade ( ou licença de utilização )